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bergpunkt - the swiss alpine school

Bergpunkt is one of the leading Swiss Alpine Schools. We have been passionate about mountain sports for almost 20 years. We aspire to share our knowledge and passion with all our guests.

Join us for basic mountaineering training courses for beginners, coaching for advanced climbers, avalanche courses and multi-day glacier crossings for skiers, ski mountaineering experiences and classic alpine climbs.

In small groups, you receive individual attention by our guides. Giving you a safe and authentic experience is our highest aim.

Note: Most of our guests are Swiss. That's why our website is only available in German. Most of our guides are English speaking though, and are happy to also share their knowledge in English during the courses. Call us or send an email if you have any questions.

Ski touring for beginner

If you would like to start ski touring we recommend one of the following two courses. The only prerequisite is, that you are a good skier and can handle all kind of pistes (also black). In the courses the rental for the skiing equipment (ski, skin, ski crampons) and the avalanche safety kit (beacon, shovel, probe) is included.

Schnuppertour mit Ski: a 2 day introduction into the very basics of ski touring.

Einführungskurs mit Ski: a 4 day basic course in ski touring with avalanche training.

Basic mountain skills

When you have no experience in mountaineering and want to develop skills to move in alpine terrain we recommend one of the following 4 courses:

Schnupperkurs Bergsteigen: a 2 day introduction into the very basics of mountaineering.

Einführungskurs Fels & Eis: a 4 day basic training in rock and ice.

4000er-Training: a 5 day ice course combined with the ascend of 3 different 4000 meter peaks.

Grundkurs Fels & Eis: a 6 day intensive training to learn and apply the basics of mountaineering.